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Friday, 14 June, 2024
Strike disrupts flights operation
2 granted President´s clemency, 18 rejected
Unemployment rate reduces slightly
Finland grants Iraq EUR 5000,000 in aid
Move to repeal same-sex marriage law foiled
Govt publishes defence policy report
Number of flights cancelled, many delayed

Strike disrupts flights operation
A number of scheduled flights were cancelled and many of the flights were delayed on Sunday as the the airports ground and security workers started strike at all the airports in Finland.   National ... details
Report on changing Barents Region published
Effect of non-climate factors needs to address
Although there is a lot of discussion about the opportunities, challenges and problems brought about by climate change in the Arctic region, the impact of non-climate factors is often ... details
2 granted President´s clemency, 18 rejected
President Sauli Niinistö on Friday granted clemency to two convicts from jail sentences to conditional imprisonment. The President, however, rejected 18 applications of clemency, national broadcaster Yle reported. The two, who granted clemency ... details
Unemployment rate reduces slightly
The number of unemployed persons in the country was 242,000 in January this year, which was slightly lower than one year ago, according to Statistics Finland’s Labour Force Survey.  The unemployment rate was ... details
Finland to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2045
Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen on Tuesday said that Finland has every opportunity to serve as a model country in climate and energy policy. He also said that ... details
The EU must uphold its fundamental values
By Juha Sipilä, March 3, 2017
A US President-Made in Russia!
By Professor Abdul Mannan, Jan 22
Fidel –The last hero of our time
By Professor Abdul Mannan, December 2
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