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Saturday, 19 April, 2014
Commemorations begin to mark Easter
Finnprotein faces workers unrest
Season highest temperature recorded at Lahti, Mikkeli
Sunny weather to continue most places during Easter
Number of marriages slide, divorces up slightly
Tiikerit defeat VaLePa in volley play-offs

Easter commemorations begin
  Formalities to mark the Easter has begun in the country as elsewhere in the world commemorating the religious believe of the Christian community about Jesus Christ's resurrection after crucifixion.   According to Christianity, Easter culminates ... details
Finnprotein faces workers unrest
  Finnprotein's soy processing plant in Uusikaupunki is facing yet another labour unrest just six months into its operations.    The employees of the industrial unit went on strike four times in the winter in ... details
Number of marriages slide, divorces up slightly
  The number of marriages in the country has gone down steeply with a total of 25,119 marriages registered in 2013, fewer by 3,759 than that in the previous year, ... details
Season highest temperature recorded at Lahti, Mikkeli
Sunny  weather to continue most places during Easter
  Warm and sunny weather is likely to continue in most of the regions of the country, particularly the South and Middle Finland during the celebration of Easter, ... details
NASA's Kepler Telescope discovers first earth
Astronomers using the Kepler Space Telescope have discovered the first planet that is about the same size of Earth and orbits a star within the "habitable" zone, NASA announced ... details
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Euro zone economy too weak to support sustainable growth
Xinhua News Analysis, April 12
Sanctions? How About Sanctions Against the United States?
Andy Piascik writes in Global Research, March 24
Crisis in Ukraine: Russia Extends its Control over the Black Sea and Strategic Waterways
Prof Michel Chossudovsky writes in Global Research, March 21
Indian Election-secular or divided India
By Professor Abdul Mannan, April 19
Vaccination programme cuts diseases and costs
Paula Mannonen and Mark Waller write in Focus Newsletter, March 22
Finland’s ever expanding gaming industry
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All sections of the Finland Times will remain closed on April 19 and April 20 (Saturday and Sunday) on the occasion of Easter Sunday. Therefore, the Finland Times will not run any updated news on the following days, Sunday and Monday. However, some important news will be published through special arrangement during the holidays.

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