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Sunday, 21 December, 2014
Recession not impacts on Christmas fundraising donation
Country’s tourism growth suffers from Russian tourists decline
Polar bear cubs die in Ranua
Blue-green algae likely to be useful in energy production
Dense snowfall forecast in Southern parts next 2 days
NATO membership application not now: PM
Neste Oil expect more profit
Accomodation in Rovaniemi centre

Country’s tourism growth suffers from Russian tourists decline
Finnish government officials recently painted a glowing picture of the expansion of the tourism industry against the backdrop of an otherwise listless economy.      However, observers close to the ... details
Recession fails to dampen Christmas donation
The country’s tight economic situation has failed to dampen people’s enthusiasm for making Christmas donations. The amount of donations has not seen any significant decline and is almost the same as ... details
Blue-green algae can be turned into energy generators
Blue-green algae or cyanobacteria can be so harnessed as to generate energy, said a University of Turku research report. According to it, the energy produced can be used as ... details
NATO membership application not now: PM
Prime Minister Alexander Stubb on Saturday said it is not the time to take a decision regarding Finland’s application for NATO membership. Talking to the Yle TV1 in its Morning Breakfast ... details
Polar bear cubs die in Ranua
A pair of cubs born to female polar bear Venus in the Ranua Wildlife Park on December 4, died, Ranua Zoo sources said. The cause of death could not be ... details
United States-A nation divided
By Prof. Abdul Mannan, December 7, 2014
The endgame of the US ‘Islamic State’ strategy
By Nicola Nasser, November 12, 2014
Canada and the War on Terror: The Ottawa Shootings, What Really Happened?
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya writes in Global Research, Oct 26
Disability services according to people’s needs
Paula Mannonen and Mark Weller write in Focus Newsletter, Dec 18
No special treatment for wind turbine noise
Mark Waller and Paula Mannonen write in Focus Newsletter, Nov 18
No fears of Ebola epidemic in Finland
Paula Mannonen & Mark Waller write in Focus Newsletter, Nov 5, 2014
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