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Sun, 24 Feb, 2013 02:46:14 AM
Outsourcing Trafi to Spain
FTimes-STT Report, February 24


The opposition lawmakers strongly criticized the Transport Minister, Merja Kyllönen for the move to outsource the Trafi telecommunication service to Spain.

Terming the move as a part of losing tax and job opportunity, the Perussuomalaiset (True Finn) lawmakers Juha Väätainen and Ismo Soukola demanded explanation from minister in this regard and urged the government to be refrained from any such suicidal decision for the country.

The minister, however, did not pay heed to the criticism made by the opposition lawmakers and said that she would not tell detail about the issue before Monday.

The parliamentary group Chairperson of the Perussuomalinen, Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner said that its very much worrying that the minister has not been awaken on the issue. She argued that if a government agency starts the move for outsourcing services to Spain, how a state can expect foreign investment inside the country. 

She said that the move for state agency to buy services from abroad feared a wider phenomenon behind it.

The group chairperson said that it was just one case had become  public and there might be many similar cases which did not come to public yet.

Expressing her wonder that how the government program was being replaced by the privatization, she pointed out that the outsourcing process means that government would lose tax.

Kyllönen, however, said that the responsibility might go to the Finance ministry, if it does not aware in this regard and the fact is that Trafi affair went to Spain from Sodankylä.

In an interview with Finnish language newspaper, the Turun Sanomat, Transport Safety Agency Director General of Trafi said that the telephone service outsourcing to Spain was known to all since the beginning.

In another Interview with Finnish language daily, the Helsingin Sanomat , the director of Finnish Argenta , Juho Nojonen, said that the company won the competitive bid and had already planned for the outsourcing a year ago.

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