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Mon, 18 Mar, 2013 01:59:28 AM
FTimes-STT Report, March 18

The Prime Minister, Jyrki Katainen on Sunday said that the government was maintaining secrecy regarding the development of labour market wage solution until a successful decision made by the social organizations.

He said that the secrecy would be help the social organizations, who are supposed to prepare a proposal and place it before the government before the budget session scheduled to begin on Thursday.

Prime Minister made the remarks while talking to the YLE  regarding the settlement of the labour market wage negotiation, adding that the government had very little room for taking decision in this regard at this stage.

Katainen  said that a broader solution is being expected from the social organizations and presumably that would be available in due time.

The Board of Directors observed that an amicable solution of the negotiation is being considered by the social organization to reach in a decision before Thursday. 

The decision is expected based on the spending cuts and tax increase. In the meantime, the government also invited the employees to a meeting scheduled for Monday.

The hour long interview with YLE , the Prime Minister hinted to place a deficit budget, which meant that a considerable spending cut along with tax increase would be focused in the upcoming budget.

He said that the deficit budget has an incredible impact on the development of the overall economy.

Expressing immediate reaction over the Prime Minister speech, the Center party, Chairman, Juha Sipilä in a post of his blog said that the government has given up his goal to press the central Government to increase one percent GDP in the coming years.

Earlier, the social organizations leaders  continued the discussions in several meetings  and hoped that there might be an amicable solution regarding the labour market wage issue after holding further discussions.

They scheduled to resolve the question that  whether the organizations need to start the negotiation for wage settlement at the South Beach meeting and hopped that they would sit again on Monday and Wednesday.

The STTK president, Mikko Mäenpåå after the Wednesday´s meeting said that it was too early to say something about the outcome, although he admitted that the discussion brought progress to go forward.

SAK spokesperson Lauri Lyly also admitted that they had a fruitful discussion to get a peaceful solution of the issue.

The government urged the social organizations to prepare a specific proposal to settle down the labour market wage issue but the social organizations are yet to reach to an understanding despite holding several meetings.

The Akaba spokesperson, Sture Fjäderin told on March 11 that  If  no achievement come before the Friday, the negotiation may be failed finally.

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