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Thu, 04 Apr, 2013 12:02:59 AM
FTimes-STT Report, April 4


The potato price this year is almost double the price of last year, traders of different markets in the country said.

The authorities of S-Group, K-Group, and Lidl admitted the potato price hike, saying the price on average was 90 per cent higher this year than that in last year. 

“Potato is now 90 per cent more expensive on an average than one year ago. The price, of course, varies slightly from shop to shop,” S-Group Director Ilkka Alarotu said, adding

that at present potato was being sold at 80 cents a kilogram at S-Group shops. 

The director, however, said the variety of potato also determines the exact price, which differs slightly from shop to shop. 

The price has almost doubled also at Lidl shops, where one bag of potato cost EUR 1.75 during the Easter. The price of the same amount of potato was less than one euro one year back. 

Forest Centre Association (MTK) agent Antti Lavonen said the potato price had increased this year due to low production in last summer.

The association agent named adverse weather as the reason behind the low yield. 

“The spring was late and there was poor rainfall in last summer. The crop fields were flooded twice in Pohjanmaa area in late summer and early October,” said Lavonen.

The agent, however, termed the price very high and said the price was set based on the production of potato so that it varied year to year. 

The MTK said potatoes were kept in stores by individual farmers and they would decide when to sell their stocks. 

The association predicted that some of the farmers might sell the potatoes now while some other might sell in May or June. 

Domestic products are yet to be finished, although the stock is much lower than normal, said Lavonen.

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