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Sun, 07 Apr, 2013 04:50:28 AM
FTimes-STT Report, April 7

Search engine operator and online marketing company Google has decided to stop advertisements of alcohol and alcoholic beverages in Finland from Tuesday.

The decision follows introduction of a new rule by Google in its advertisement policy that bans advertisement of alcoholic products.
The ban will be also applicable in China, Poland, Vietnam, and South Korea.
Google decided to ban advertisements of alcoholic products on its own volition, its product manager Sami Kankkuan said, adding that no country had directed them in this regard.
Photo Lehtikuva
Meanwhile, producers of alcohol and alcoholic beverages termed the move negative as it would hinder them from letting people know about their new products.
Estonian Prisma Chain Chief Executive Officer Janne Lihavainen said advertising products on Google was very essential for them. He wished goggle would continue with running the advertisements to help alcoholic products remain alive. 
Lihavainen also said that they would have to look for alternative advertisement channels for their imported products.
Altia executive Sari Salmela said customers would face serious difficulties for the absence of advertisements on Google as they relied on them to know the wine and food combinations.
Finnish alcohol companies, however, have received notifications from Google about the new advertisement rule like their counterparts in China, Poland, South Korea, and Vietnam.
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