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Sat, 20 Apr, 2013 12:06:19 AM
FTimes-STT Report, April 20

The coalition government on Friday won a vote of confidence on providing financial support to Cyprus.

The parliament went for the confidence vote on the European Union stability mechanism scheme as the opposition Perussuomalainen (True Finns) party challenged the move to provide financial support to Cyprus.
The EU stability mechanism scheme survived as 86 lawmakers voted in favour of it against 65 lawmakers voting against. Forty-eight MPs, of whom 36 were of ruling parties including six ministers, however, were absent during the voting.
Earlier, Perussuomalainen lawmaker Timo Soini protested the move and challenged it in the parliament. He proposed that the issue should be put on a vote of confidence. A few left-leaning members seconded the proposal.
Timo Soini, Juha Sipilä and going to the Grand Committee meeting in Parliament, 19 April 2013. Photo- Lehtikuva
Soini, while tabling the proposal at the House also said that not a single Euro should go to Cyprus in financial aid.
Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen said after winning the vote that despite the criticism of the opposition, the government would go forward with the plan and expressed the hope that Cyprus would be able to expedite its economic growth after the mechanism was adopted.
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