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Thu, 20 Jun, 2013 12:06:21 AM
FTimes-STT Report, June 20

One of country’s largest banks, Danske Bank, previously known as Sampo Bank, has terminated 186 employees following a negotiation.
 Most of the terminated workers were sent to voluntary retirement while 15 were terminated directly, the bank sources said.

The termination move was taken following the new programmes taken by the bank authority to reduce the number of branches and emphasize on operations through online and mobile services.
‘Our customers are using more mobile and web based devises prompting the authority to emphasise the web based service,’ said Kenneth Kaarnimo, the senior Vice president (customer service) of the bank.

Earlier, on May 31 the bank authority decided to close down nearly half of its branches in Finland.
The Bank authority said a total of 37 offices of the bank will be closed down in two phases during this year and 25 of them were already closed early this month.
The bank authority also decided to turn 11 of the remaining 46 offices into expert centres to offer multi-channel services like online meetings with bank advisers.
 Danske Bank is the third largest bank in Finland having one million private and corporate clients.

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