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Home BUSINESSGDP slides by 0.4 percent
Thu, 20 Jun, 2013 02:54:44 AM
Deficit estimited EUR 6 billion
FTimes –STT Report, June 20

The national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has decreased by 0.4 percent this year due to gradual rise in the state debt, according to the Ministry of Finance.
The ministry, however, expected a slow growth in the economy after six months and hoped that the growth would be 1.2 percent in the next year.
It also expected an estimated growth of 2 per cent in the national economy by the year 2015.
Although the overall export is growing gradually, the rate is lower compared to the world trade, observed the ministry. There was no growth in export trade in the current year, it said.
Pointing out the growing trends of the state debt, the ministry estimated there would be a deficit of EUR 6 billion at the end of the year.

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