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Fri, 09 Aug, 2013 04:29:54 AM
FTimes-STT Report, August 9


The draft budget for the year 2014, prepared by the Finance Minister on Wednesday did not allocate any fund for the renovation works of the mold-affected buildings.

The ministries of education, health and social welfare placed a demand before the government for an allocation of EUR 40 million for the renovation works of the buildings that housed a number of day-care centres, hospitals, old homes and created health risks for the residents.

Molds are a large and taxonomically diverse fungal species created in the buildings due to attack of bacteria and staying in the molds affected house might create a health hazard for the residents physically and mentally, experts observed.

The representatives of at least three ministries, however, will continue discussions with the Finance Minister, Jutta Urpilainen in next week to get allocation in this sector, ministries sources said.

The authorities will try to convince the finance minister to include the sector in the draft so that it could be discussed in the parliament at the end of this month when the proposed budget will be placed, sources said.  

The government on Wednesday prepared a draft of the budget for the year 2014 with a deficit of EUR 6.6 billion.

The Finance Minister, Jutta Urpilainen after the preparation of the draft said that the budget has been drafted without bringing any major changes to the budget planning placed in the parliament in March.

The draft proposal of total EUR 53.9 billion would take the debt of the government to EUR 98 billion.

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