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Saturday, 03 June, 2023
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Sun, 11 Aug, 2013 04:12:21 AM
Trang Trieu and Masud Riyad, August 11
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A two-day traditional harvest festival ''Elonkorjuumarkkinat'', aimed at helping farmers process quickly process their seasonal products, concluded in Rovaniemi on Saturday.
Farmers exhibited various products at the Elonkorjuumarkkinat that began at city’s Rovakatu area on Friday.
Although the festival, organised once a year, initially began with exhibition of agro products, its activities have nowadays expanded with gathering of various items including non-agro products to attract the visitors.
People from different strata gathered during the festival to collect various items directly from the producers. People from home and abroad got the opportunity to be introduced with exceptional and quality Finnish products.
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The products displayed mostly by the rural people from different parts of Lapland attracted the buyers who rushed to this year’s festival.
A number of foreign stalls were also found in the festival where the participants displayed their state-of-the-art technology to introduce them in local markets.
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