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Sun, 20 Oct, 2013 12:00:24 AM
FTimes-STT Report, October 20

The Labour minister, Lauri Ihalainen on Saturday urged the social organizations leaders to settle down the labour market wage solution earlier of the deadline, not at the eleventh hour.

The minister, talking to the Saturday’s morning breakfast programme of Yle TV also said that the solution is very important during the ongoing vulnerable economic situation as it might play a vital role to uphold the ‘Triple A’ economic status of Finland in the Euro zone.  

“The solution will put significant impact on our economy and competitiveness to uphold our ‘Triple A’  status,” said the minister, adding that the social organizations should fulfill the expectation through an amicable wage solution in due time.

The minister also pointed out that Finland has scope to play an important role to arctic exploration and it would create job opportunity for the people.

“We are still far behind from the exploring process. It is not limited to only about oil drilling,” said Ihalainen, adding that number of countries including  Canada, Norway, Sweden, the United States and Russia are very active in the arctic region. 

Meanwhile, the SAK president, Lauri Lyly on Saturday in an occasion in Kuopio  demanded that the  labour market wage solution  should be taken place ensuring widest possible coverage.

The government  fixed up  deadline on October 25 for the social organizations leaders including the trade unions of the employers and employees to reach to a solution labour market wage issue.

Earlier, on March 17, the Prime Minister, Jyrki Katainen said that the government was maintaining secrecy regarding the development of labour market wage solution until a successful decision made by the social organizations.

He also expected that a proposal to be placed before the government during the budget session held in March, although the issue remained unsettled.

Prime Minister also said that the government had very little room for taking decision in this regard at that stage.

Katainen  said that a broader solution is being expected from the social organizations and presumably that would be available in due time.

Earlier, the social organizations leaders  continued the discussions in several meetings  and hoped that there might be an amicable solution regarding the labour market wage issue after holding further discussions.

The government urged the social organizations to prepare a specific proposal to settle down the labour market wage issue but the social organizations are yet to reach to an understanding despite holding several meetings.

The Akaba spokesperson, Sture Fjäderin told on March 11 that  If  no achievement come before the Friday, the negotiation may be failed finally.

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