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Fri, 18 Apr, 2014 12:09:49 AM
FTimes Report, April 18
Personnel in affiliates abroad by country group in 2012. Source: Statistics Finland.
Finnish enterprises had business activity in 4,883 affiliates located in 119 countries in 2012, according to Statistics Finland's data. 
Measured by the number of personnel, the activity of affiliates abroad concentrated in Europe and Asia with the total number of personnel being over 570,000, of whom nearly one-third were working in EU 15 countries, nearly one-quarter in Asia and Oceania, and almost one-sixth in EU 27 countries.
Examined by country, the numbers of personnel were the highest in China, Sweden, Russia and India, says the data collected from the enterprises.
Finnish affiliates employed the largest numbers of persons in EU 15 countries, altogether nearly 176,000 persons.  Measured by the number of personnel, Finnish affiliates' personnel were the second biggest in Asia and Oceania, numbering 138,200, the data says.  
In EU 27 countries, the number of personnel was nearly 93,200 and the biggest industries were the electrical and electronics (13,870 persons) and wholesale and retail trade (13,090 persons).
Of individual countries, the numbers of personnel in affiliates were the highest in China (68,980 persons), Sweden (67,700 persons), Russia (48,310 persons) and India (40,930 persons).
The manufacturing industry was the most significant employer in Finnish affiliates abroad.
Investments by affiliates abroad into their tangible goods amounted to EUR 4.0 billion gross. Sixty-nine per cent of the investments were made in Europe and 20 per cent in Asia and Oceania, the data show.   
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