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Fri, 30 May, 2014 12:00:37 AM
FTimes-STT Report, May 30
Finland's only aircraft manufacturer Atol is preparing to resume production in Rovaniemi. Photo – Str / Lehtikuva.
Small aircraft manufacturing is set to resume in the country after a long break that lasted for decades.
The aircraft manufacturer, Atol Avion Ltd based in Rovaniemi, has already sold three of its first aircraft and has received orders for more than 10 others.
The company aims to sell 50 aircraft annually.
The two-seater light amphibious aircraft can operate in land and snow and on water.
The aircraft belongs to the heavier version of the light-sport aircraft (LSA) category which is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. The LSA aircraft are almost exclusively bought for recreational purposes.
According to LSA enthusiasts, the aircraft’s EUR 150,000 price tag has the ability to be competitive.
Atol’s chief designer Markku Koivurova considers the aircraft’s ease of use and affordability as its advantages.
The aircraft can fly a thousand kilometres on full capacity on its 140-litre fuel load.
The aircraft does not need expensive storage as its wings can be folded to fit in a storage box and dragged in the yard.
Tekes, a funding agency for innovation has already agreed to fund the project and production is scheduled to begin in the summer.
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