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Sun, 01 Jun, 2014 12:07:52 AM
FTimes Report, May 31
New central government quarantees granted, EUR million. Source: Statistics Finland.
The stock of central government guarantees stood at EUR 34.3 billion at the end of the first quarter of 2014, which was nearly four per cent higher than the previous quarter, according to Statistics Finland.
The stock of guarantees was 12 per cent higher than the corresponding period of the previous year. 
During the first quarter of the year, new central government guarantees were granted to the amount of EUR 2.1 billion, the data says. 
Of new guarantees, EUR 0.9 billion were granted to Finland and close on EUR 1.2 billion to the rest of the world. 
Central government guarantees include all guarantees granted by the state, government-owned enterprises, government-owned limited companies and special credit institutions for which the state is ultimately liable.
Guarantees to enterprises make up 38 per cent of the stock of central government guarantees.
Guarantees granted to housing associations account for 27 per cent and those to the rest of the world for 20 per cent of the guarantee stock, the statistics show. 
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