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Mon, 19 Jan, 2015 02:25:33 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Jan 19
S group run chain shop Prisma. File Photo Lehtikuva.
Finnish retail giants S-Group have announced that it will lower the prices of most of the popular food products from Monday onwards.
Starting on Monday, the consumer prices of the most important food products will be markedly cheaper than before in all Prisma stores, said a release from S-Group.
The country's has about 60 Prisma stores, but some of the lowered prices will also be effective at S-market stores.
"The new policy is the greatest strategic change in S-Group's supermarket trade in a decade.  The considerable lowering of prices has demanded a great many efficiency measures and pruning of costs," said Taavi Heikkilä, CEO of SOK.
Heikkilä said the work has progressed to a point where S-group can start to lower prices in all Prisma stores in the country.
"We know that this is not yet enough. There is a long way to go, but we will not give up. We will do our utmost to become the most affordable grocery store in Finland," said Heikkilä.
S Group head office in Helsinki. File Photo Lehtikuva.
Heikkilä said S-Group will continue to hold to its wide selection and improve it further while embarking on lowering prices.
"Finnish quality is also important to us. Almost 80 per cent of our products are made in Finland," the CEO of SOK pointed out in the release.
Heikkilä said the message to lower prices of groceries was clear after listening to customers and staff about what could be done to help Finns during the present difficult times.
S-Group said it will start lowering prices where it has most encounters with customers.
"Practically, this means Prisma stores. We can deliver everyday help most effectively where we reach the largest customer volume and where our own efficiency enables us to lower prices," stated Heikkilä.
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