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Thu, 22 Jan, 2015 02:57:26 AM
FTimes Report by Elena Nielsen, Jan 22

Ahma Environment is a successful, fast-growing company having expertise in a number of areas ranging from environmental consultation to engineering and to laboratory work.

This sister concern of Ahma Group, which also owns Ahma Engineers that provides engineering and project managing services, was established as Lapin Vesitutkimus Oy. In 2013, it was renamed as Ahma Environment to promote its specific area of expertise.

“We are one of the biggest firms offering consultancy and laboratory services in our field and definitely the biggest one that can still be called a family business,” observed company Chief Executive Officer Jari Hietala in his Rovaniemi office.

Hietala himself has worked in the company since 2004, starting as an expert. Since then he has worked as a quality manager and planning chief. Now Hietala has started his seventh year as the CEO. He has definitely seen every angle of Ahma Enviroment and knows how to make the company successful and growing.

“The company employs 85 people right now, which is 35 people more than just five years ago. Ten years back, we only had 22 employees. The growth will continue and in the next five years we will have more employees than now,” said Hietala.

The CEO said the company’s big size gives them a possibility to guarantee the best possible services for its customers. Their expertise is the topmost in the field.

“I believe one of the reasons we do so well is that we act with a Lappish mentality. When we promise something to customers, we keep it and make things happen as we had said,” said Hietala.

Ahma Enviroment is rooted in Lapland. Hietala thinks Lapland as a company base has a good international spirit and is a good place to have the main focus.

“Most of our clients are in Lapland, like the energy and mining industry in Northern Finland. Two of our offices are located in Lapland and four others in the south,” Hietala told the Finland Times.

About Ahma Enviroment’s top future goals, its CEO said, “We will become even more international than we already are. The development will continue all the time. Here, in Lapland, we have a great place to do that.” 

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