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Sun, 25 Jan, 2015 12:04:35 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jan 25

Finance Minister Antti Rinne on Saturday said the starting point from Finland as well as the rest of the euro zone is that Greece as a country is committed to the agreed debt repayment programme.

Despite the election results in Greece, Rinne believes the country will take care of the debt repayment situation.

“If you listen to Syriza, the clear message is that Greece wants to remain in the euro area. In my opinion, it clearly indicates that you want to find a consensus,” said Rinne.
According to Rinne, the Greek economy until recently has reflected that the country is able to repay the debt.

The finance minister hopes the political uncertainty brought about by the elections is temporary.

Rinne said the recently held euro group meeting in Brussels was in good spirit, and that there was no discord manifested with regard to assessment of the situation in Greece.

Similarly, there was no contradiction from the direction of the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

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