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Sun, 08 Feb, 2015 12:01:04 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Feb 8
Nice Tuesday organised "Super Ada" in Helsinki on Saturday. Photo – Lehtikuva.
The information technology sector is trying to attract more women. Although the sector has been rising for a long, it still interests significantly less women compared to men.
According to a survey conducted by the independent association of Finnish ICT professionals and companies, Finnish Information Processing Association (FIPA), the number of women employees in the IT sector is less than a quarter.
Many have a distorted idea about the nature of the job, said Suvi Erjanti, chair of the Nice Tuesday ry board.
Erjanti said the deep-rooted impression about one working alone doing coding work in a dark basement is not really the case nowadays.
In reality, according to Erjanti, there are varieties of jobs in the IT and most of the work is done in teams.
Erjanti’s sentiments were echoed by Heini Kaihu, head of studio at Rovio Entertainment.
“Many people think that the IT sector is all about coding, but we also have a lot of competent people from other sectors working with us,” said Kaihu.
On Saturday, Nice Tuesday organised the “Super Ada” event in which education opportunities and jobs in the IT sector were presented to young women of ages between 16 and 22.
The name of the event was a tribute to Ada Lovelacelle, an English woman who lived in the 1800s and is regarded as the world’s first computer programmer.
Currently, the shortage of women in the IT sector is an international problem, despite a lot of vacancies.
According to the technology industry, at least 400,000 new professionals are needed this year in Europe.
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