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Tue, 17 Feb, 2015 12:01:05 AM
Talvivaara needs new owner with expertise: Paatero
FTimes-STT Report, Feb 17
Main gate of Talvivaara nickel mining company in Sotkamo on Monday. Photo – Str / Lehtikuva.
Minister for International Development and Foreign Trade, also responsible for State Ownership Steering, Sirpa Paatero on Monday said the state may join the parties interested in making the nickel mining company Talvivaara rise from bankruptcy. 
The minister, however, categorically said the state has no intention to run the mining company.
Paatero said expertise and capital from a reliable actor in the mining industry is crucial.
“A new owner with expertise in the mining sector has to be found for Talvivaara,” remarked Paatero, adding that the second issue is whether the state could have some stake, if a new owner is found.
However, the minister during her visit to Talvivaara’s Sotkamo subsidiary said the issue of the state’s percentage or stake has not been discussed, as a new owner has not yet been found.
She did not respond directly to the question about what would be the role of the CEO of the company, Pekka Perä, in the future of Talvivaara.
The minister said the matter has to be thought as a separate issue, since the judicial process has been initiated and, similarly, the possibilities have to be seen during the ownership reign.
The role of the state in the bankruptcy estate currently overseeing the activities of the bankrupt company will continue as long as it can.
“The role of the state is to ensure that the company is maintained and it takes care of the environmental issues,” said Paatero.
The minister also revealed that the employees whom she met on Monday were pleased that the bankruptcy estate has taken the initiative of moving the process forward and believed that it would be possible to keep water-related issues in the area under control.
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