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Saturday, 02 July, 2022
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Sun, 15 Mar, 2015 12:08:24 AM
Aamulehti report on power distribution business sale
FTimes – STT Report, Mar 15

Fortum has made no comment on a report run by the Finnish language daily Aamulehti which claims that the energy company’s decision to sell its Swedish electricity distribution business had been known by many in advance.

“The Swedish electricity sale has been in progress for so long, and there has been so much speculation along the way, that one day doesn’t change the situation. As a publicly traded company, we do not have the habit of commenting on rumours,” said Fortum Senior Vice President Helena Aatinen.

She pointed out that Fortrum, as early as in 2013, was evaluating its future options for the electricity distribution business. And at the end of the same year, the company announced its view that the electricity distribution business could be better in some other configuration and that Fortrum would be better able to focus on areas where it is good.

According to Aatinen, Fortrum’s strategy now covers three areas: hydropower, nuclear power, and the combined production of electricity and heat.

“We sell electricity and heat to our customers. Fortum has recently become the largest distributor of electricity in the Nordic region. We have 1.3 million customers buying our electricity. This is one area in which we also plan to invest,” said Aatinen.


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