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Mon, 16 Mar, 2015 01:23:37 AM
FTimes Report, Mar 16
The Oulu-based Haltian, which said that deliveries would begin in June, came up with the Thingsee prototype, first announced in November.
Haltian claims that users of the device are defined only by imagination. “Hardware is in the hardest part of the Internet of Things. We provide the solution,” Haltian's Business Director, Ville Ylläsjärvi told the Digitoday at the Barcelona MWC.
The water-resistant device, designed to monitor the environment and report changes, includes GPS, accelerometers, moisture, light and heat sensors as well as a wide range of communication features.
“It is suitable for extreme sports like hang-gliding or snowmobiling, or perhaps just tracking shipping containers,” Ylläsjärvi added.
Haltian is on the move at the right time. The Internet of Things is among the most prominent themes at trade shows. “Everyone wants their own IoT story,” as one American analyst told Digitoday.
Ylläsjärvi said that the device’s reception at the expo was good. Interested parties included both end-users and developers.
Haltian supplies documentation along with the device and does pre-integration. The end is up to the customers, with promises of progress.
Customers have, according to Ylläsjärvi, already been told how device development will continue after the Thingsee One.
Thingsee will be commercially available in June and pre-ordering will begin soon. According to Ylläsjärvi, there are already 500 customers, the largest of whom have ordered hundreds of devices.
The device is believed to be sold primarily on the web, but, according to Ylläsjärvi, Haltian is endeavouring to bring it to brick-and-mortar shops as well. “Developers should get to feel the device in their hands,” he said.
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