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Sun, 07 Jun, 2015 07:13:24 PM
FTimes- Xinhua Report , June 07
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. File Photo AFP-Lehtikuva
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker urged Greece on Sunday to submit promised alternative proposal to reforms shortly in order to continue negotiations.
Greece was in tough negotiations with its international creditors for a cash-for-reforms deal. Last Wednesday, Greek government rejected proposals tabled by its creditors that included tax increases and pensions cuts. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras described the proposals as "irrational" in his speech to the Greek parliament on Friday.
"I was a little bit disappointed by the speech of the Greek Prime Minister," said Junker in a press conference on the sidelines of G7 summit at the foot of Alps in Germany's Bavaria, accusing Tsipras of misrepresenting creditors' proposals as a "take it or leave it offer".
"He knows perfectly well that this is not the case," Junker said, adding that the creditors were "perfectly ready to discuss on the main points where disagreements are".
Junker said he expected to meet with Tsipras on the sidelines of an EU-Latin America summit in Brussels on Wednesday, but he wanted to see the alternative proposal that Tsipras had promised before the meeting.
He said Tsipras had promised to present an alternative proposal on Thursday evening, then on Friday, but he had not received the proposal yet.
"I hope Greece's alternative proposal could be delivered to us shortly," Junker said. 
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