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Fri, 02 Oct, 2015 02:27:37 AM
FTimes Report, Oct 2

For those committed to excellence and growth, sparring with competitors never ends. That the level of this commitment is very high in MedKit Finland Oy, an Oulu-based importer and distributor of medical devices, has been reflected once again in its winning the regional Kasvu Open.

Kasvu Open is the most significant business sparring competition in Finland. Oulu region’s growth path is a part of the national Kasvu Open competition. The regional winners will graduate to the national competition, where the companies will be judged by ten experts from various fields of business. This year, over 900 experts in company growth will help 455 companies achieve their goals. Kasvu Open will peak in Jyväskylä on October 22-23rd this year.

Oulu region’s growth path is supported by national partners Nordea, Finnvera, Sonera and Technopolis, and regional partners Nihak Oy, the Oulu Vocational College, the Oulu Chamber of Commerce, the Entrepreneurs of Oulu Region, Business Oulu and Raahe District Business Services.

The regional competition – and pathway to growth – included tens of experts honing competitive business and growth among the participants. “We checked the companies’ business plans very thoroughly, and emphasized the potential for both company growth and market growth, when choosing the winner,”said Oulu Chamber of Commerce CEO Jari Tuovinen.

Medkit received the regional winner’s award at a ceremony in Raahe this May. MedKit CEO Minna Åman-Toivio said, “We’re currently the largest importer of first aid products. Kasvu Open has been a great sparring ring where everyone has challenged each other. We wouldn’t be here without the passion and hard work we’ve put into our company, thanks to our great team.”

In just a few years, MedKit has grown to the biggest importer of emergency medical supplies in Finland. Today MedKit webstore boasts of an ever-expanding selection of more than 2,000 products for medical professionals. More than 3,800 Finnish healthcare and industrial organizations now procure their emergency medical supplies and safety products from MedKit one-stop shop. Those are impressive figures, but the company is not satisfied, not yet. “We’re planning to grow international by 2020,” announced Åman-Toivio.

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