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Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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Mon, 09 Nov, 2015 12:08:46 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Nov 9
Photo – Str / Lehtikuva.
Microbrewery boom has continued to thrive in the country for several years.
Currently there are about 60 microbreweries and the number is continuing to rise. According to the organisers of large breweries and small breweries event, the production of microbreweries has tripled since 2009.
Biologist Timo Kanniainen founded the Oulu-based microbrewery Sonnisaari panimo with two of his friends in 2014. The first batch of sales showed that there was demand for local brew.
The company is now planning to expand production from beer served from keg to bottled beer.
Previously, Kanniainen ordered special brew from abroad and wrote reviews in his blog. Now he refines recipes and conveys kegs to pubs in Oulu. The Sonnisaari panimo brew is prepared by hand at a facility the size of a large car garage. On one side of the wall-stand are the cooking and fermenting tanks and on the other side are the stacks of malt.
The company’s 2,000-litre monthly production is distributed between a dozen of retailers. According to Kanniainen, it seems that Sonnisaari will be able to triple its production next year.
Kanniainen admits that consumption had surprised them and the sight of people queuing in the pub during the release of the first batch of production was amazing.
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