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Wed, 09 Dec, 2015 12:08:37 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Dec 9
Justice and Labour Minister Jari Lindström (left.), Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn and Minister of the Interior Petteri Orpo spoke at a press conference on government policies for local labour agreements on Tuesday. Photo – Lehtikuva.
The government has taken a move to set up a tripartite working group to prepare a draft on legislation which promotes local labour agreements and at the same time strengthens the position of employees.
Economic Affair Minister Olli Rehn, Justice and Labour Minister Jari Lindström and Interior Minister Petteri Orpo on Tuesday met with the leaders of the labour market organisations in this regard.
According to Rehn, the preparation of the bill will take into account local labour agreements within the framework of the collective bargaining agreements as the primary form of local labour agreement.
Rehn said local labour agreements and the strengthening of the position of the personnel go hand in hand.
The task of the tripartite working group will be to prepare mutually accepted rules on working hours and wages, among other things.
The government’s initiative has received positive response from the labour market organisations. 
The major employees’ organisations consider it a good initiative saying that the efforts in the legislation preparation is carried out by a tripartite body, and thus a balanced solution is expected from the taskforce.
The working group is represented by the finance ministry, social and health ministry, Confederation of Finnish Industries-EK, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Union-SAK, Finnish Confederation of Professionals-STTK and Akava, among other parties.
No agreements can be struck by means of coercive measures, said Annika Rönni-Sällinen, the head of issues related to collective bargaining agreements at SAK.
Akava President Sture Fjäder said it is now possible to repair the lack of confidence as a result of the government package on labour reforms.
The taskforce is expected to complete the preparation of the legislation in the middle of March next year and afterwards the bill heads for consultation. 
According to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the government has set sight in submitting the bill before parliament in May 2016.
The legislation is scheduled to enter force in September 2016.
The working group is led by Pekka Timonen, director general, Labour and Trade Department at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.
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