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Mon, 08 Feb, 2016 12:02:02 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Feb 8
VTT Technical Research Centre logo Otaniemi in Espoo, Finland. Photo Lehtikuva.
The Technical Research Centre of Finland-VTT was aware of suspicions of scientific fraud committed by a member of its research group but covered the suspicions.
According to the Finnish language daily Helsingin Sanomat, those working under Research Professor Matej Oresic suspected him of scientific fraud.
In December 2015, VTT said it was heading towards completion of a research which pointed towards the detection of type 1 diabetes many years before the onset of the disease. 
Oresic’s research team, however, suspected that the results of the research were falsified.
VTT conducted a probe into the activities of the research group but kept the findings secret.
“VTT blundered or covered up the matter, put the papers in the safe and neither did the investigation lead to anything,” said University of Helsinki Chancellor Kari Raivio.
Oresic no longer works at VTT.
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