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Mon, 08 Feb, 2016 02:09:02 AM
350 chefs from home, abroad participate
FTimes Report by Hahn Hoang, Feb 8
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About 350 chefs from across Finland and other countries – Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark – gathered in Rovaniemi on February 5-6 to celebrate the biennial Finnish Chefs Association Day.
The theme of this year’s programme featuring a mini fair and a number of side events at the Hotel Santa Claus was ‘tourism food.’ This was the second time Rovaniemi hosted the programme. The first time was in 1978.
On the evening of February 5 the association threw a get-together party at the Hotel Pohjanhovi for its members. “Chefs in the association know each other very well. They could have been in the same cooking class 20 years ago. This get-together event is a good chance for chefs to meet and share with each other about cooking and all other things in life,” said Hotel Santa Claus Executive Head Chef Petri Selander.
On the next day, a mini trade fair was organised on the ground floor of Hotel Santa Claus from 10.00am to 3.00pm. Famous Finnish brands like Kespro, Paulig, Atria, Apetit, Tamminen, and Valio manned information tables at the fair with free samples of dishes. Most of the companies attend the event every time it takes place.
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The mini trade fair also drew new companies like a branch of Kespro majoring in tableware and kitchen specialities, and Calasta and Kotivara that operate in northern Finland.
There was an outdoor area where food was offered to the participants. “That is the idea of the event: Some food tastes better outside,” said a staff. Grilled sausages, hot dogs and hamburgers were served together with wine. Free Starbucks Double Shot Espresso Drink and Runeberg’s cakes do not need a fridge in the weather of Rovaniemi.
“We really enjoyed the party last night, got refreshed and were ready for the meeting today,” said a chef from Tampere about the get together.
“We had a lot of fun. I broke my arm. Of course not from the party! Nothing serious and I am totally happy with the experience,” said another chef, also from Tampere, laughing. The general meeting of the association took place concurrent to the fair.
As the Hotel Santa Claus is located in downtown Rovaniemi, some tourists mistakenly ventured into the fair area and were warmly welcomed by the staffers. “We were trying to find a way around and now we can try good Finnish food. Finnish people are very friendly and we are lucky,” said a member of such a family coming from Turkey.
At the end of the day, the association members gathered in a gala dinner at the Santa Park. 
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