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Mon, 08 Feb, 2016 02:15:45 AM
FTimes Report, Feb 8
Photo source: BusinessOulu webpage.
JOT Automation, originally from Oulu, has opened its newest office in Silicon Valley, California, in the same neighbourhood as its biggest customers and hundreds of potential companies developing new technology.
JOT has built a solid reputation as a provider of assembly and test automation solutions for mobile phone factories. It has been a forerunner in this field for 25 years and has established its position as a trusted partner for many a major global consumer electronics companies. Two of the world’s three biggest mobile phone manufacturers are JOT’s customers, and JOT’s robots can even be spotted on the Mac Pro presentation video.
JOT has excellent prerequisites to succeed with the expansion of technology originally developed for mobile phones to smaller, wearable smart devices. JOT revamps the manufacturing processes of the electronics industry through testing automation that extends from circuit boards to the finished product. JOT’s solutions are often applied in the installation of critical precision components. They help reduce new products’ time-to-market and cut the number of flaws and errors close to zero, which brings JOT’s customers significant competitive edge.
JOT does not have off-the-shelf products; every JOT line is unique and tailored to a certain product. The products are customised according to the customer’s needs to serve a certain application and carry out tasks that cannot be done by people. For example, the JOT 3G test platform helps ensure high product quality at the final phase of the production process through the testing of touch screens, voice connections, or even entire user interfaces. 
The automation industry remains a strong growth industry. As production tasks requiring particular precision are still mainly carried out manually, the market potential lies with the automation of production processes and testing. JOT’s assembly and test robots are designed with customer-specific customisation in mind. Therefore, in order to plan production and testing together, JOT wants to participate in the customer’s product development process from an early phase. 
The latest industry trends revolve around wearable technology, such as smart watches. This originates from Silicon Valley, California.  So the new JOT office in Silicon Valley means when future success stories happen, JOT will be there – Just On Time – as the name suggests.
The recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Enhancement Award 2013, JOT has operations on four continents, 300 employees and net sales exceeding EUR 50 million.
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