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Mon, 29 Feb, 2016 01:24:20 AM
FTimes Report, Feb 29
Photo Source: BusinessOulu webpage.
The Oulu-based environmental technology company Proventia has proven its class in turning exhaust gases into hydrogen and nitrogen.
For example, Valtra’s and Massey Ferguson’s tractors and Komatsu’s forestry machines pour out exhaust gas from their pipes cleaned with Proventia’s technology. “In fact, it’s water vapour and nitrogen,” corrects Proventia CEO Jari Lotvonen. “Ash particles remain in the filter and the harmful nitrogen oxides become harmless by means of a chemical reaction.”
In 2015, as much as 70 per cent of the company’s 15 million euro turnover came from exhaust gas cleaning systems for new working machines. On top of it all, Proventia’s R&D is focused on the international Tier 5 emission limits for 2019 which will challenge motor manufacturers to aim at increasingly cleaner performance.
Proventia has more than 20 years of experience in purification technology for diesel engine emissions and related testing and planning services. The company started its operations in 1994 under the name Finnkatalyt. At that time, the only but still a significant market area was the so-called retrofit product, which was a retrofitted cleaning system for trucks and buses in traffic. The client was often a public body, such as the city of London or Hong Kong.
But the situation has radically changed in recent times. “The last couple of years we have looked for new business areas,” said Lotvonen. “Now there are two of them: a compact test cell and insulating components built in a container.” In addition, Proventia sells product development know-how to developing countries.
Diesel engines roar in Proventia’s test cells. They are tested, if necessary, a few thousand hours when cleaning solutions that comply with future emission limits are tested. However, the newest test bench is located in the backyard of the company’s headquarters in a freight container.
The testing container is Proventia’s new product that can be moved to different places according to the customer’s wishes, for example, for testing biofuels. “It is the only mobile test container in the market,” said Lotvonen with obvious pride.
The testing container operates energy efficiently. The energy generated by the tested engine is converted into electricity. “During testing, we are self-sufficient in electricity,” said Lotvonen. “The surplus is transferred to the power grid so that it can be sold.”
Finland has a long tradition in the manufacturing of diesel engines. The international AGCO Power’s history includes the strong machine brands Valmet and Sisu. A close co-operation with the power giant enables global technology development at the forefront. “Long cooperation and northern commitment is appreciated. We have a very motivated workforce and a desire to make things better,” said Lotvonen. In all, the company employs about 100 motor and emission experts, if subcontracted production work is included.
Proventia also collaborates with the University of Oulu. The result is top experts in automobile and industrial vehicle engineering. Many of the university’s thesis workers are recruited by Proventia.
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