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Tue, 01 Mar, 2016 02:19:27 AM
FTimes- STT Report, Mar 1
File Photo Lehtikuva.
The country’s economy this year and the next will grow moderately, according to an evaluation of Aktia bank.
The GDP will grow by 0.6 per cent this year and 0.9 per cent next year, said the economic growth outlook of the bank.
According to Aktia, there has been no significant turnaround for the better with Finland’s economy, but, for example, confidence in the economy has improved slightly in the first quarter. 
The building sector recovery offers another glimmer of hope.
The slim growth is attributed to the recovery of investment and foreign trade as a result of the increase in the recovery of international trade, said the bank.
Finland’s GDP growth outlook, however, remains below the rest of the Eurozone’s growth figures. 
The Eurozone GDP is forecast to grow by 1.7 per cent this year and next year.
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