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Tue, 04 Oct, 2016 12:03:33 AM
FTimes Report, Oct 4
Turnover of information technology services by service item in 2013 to 2015. Source: Business services statistics 2015, Statistics Finland.
Information technology services grew in 2015 as in the year before, according to Statistics Finland’s business services statistics.
Enterprises offering programming services and other information technology services headed the growth. Measured by turnover share, the biggest services produced in the industry were publishing and publication services for computer games, whose turnover, however, contracted from the year before.
The industry group includes 582 Software publishing, 62 Computer programming, consultancy and related activities, and 631 Data processing, hosting and related activities besides web portals.
The positive development in information technology services was also affected by increased sales in computer facilities management services, computer consultancy services, and hosting and related services.
Forty-three per cent of information technology services were sold abroad and 85 per cent of the turnover was collected from services sold to the private sector, the data show.
Examined in euros, turnover growth in engineering services had been strongest in engineering services for industrial and manufacturing projects, engineering services for other projects, project management services for construction projects and engineering consulting services.
The turnover of engineering services related to power projects and waste management projects also increased from the year before.
Architectural services were used most in commercial and office building projects and in other construction projects.
The turnover of architectural services for residential building projects, however, contracted.
Eighty-two per cent of the turnover of architectural and engineering design services came from domestic customers and 75 per cent from private sector customers.
The use of temporary employment agency services increased in 2015 particularly in the construction industry, other personnel recruiting and procurement services, financial
administration, marketing and sales and in information and telecommunication services.
The use of temporary employment agency services also increased in health care and social services from one year earlier.
The use of temporary employment agency services, in turn, decreased from the year before in manufacturing, transport, warehousing or logistics services and trade.
The statistics do not include temporary employment agency services sold to Finland by foreign companies.
The biggest service item in temporary employment agency services was the supply of hotels and restaurants personnel.
The turnover of temporary employment agency services was generated almost entirely domestically with only four per cent from abroad. Seventy-nine per cent of the turnover was generated from private sector customers.
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