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Thu, 06 Oct, 2016 12:10:14 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Oct 6
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
Finnish music exports rose 27 per cent last year, according to a music exports value study published by Music Finland on Wednesday.
The total music exports rose 8 per cent to 46.5 million euros. The value of the exported recordings was 6.6 million euros.
 In previous years, recording exports had grown slowly, said Music Finland. The rise in sales is partly explained by the jump in popularity of music streaming services.
Copyright income from abroad also saw rapid growth. It increased by 16 per cent to 5.8 million euros.
Most of the value of music exports comes from live music. Its value was 13.6 million last year, but grew 2 per cent from the previous year.
“The overall market outlook for music is promising at the moment, with growth opportunities in several sectors,” said Music Finland CEO Tuomo Tähtinen in a statement.
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