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Mon, 17 Oct, 2016 12:02:21 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Oct 17
Automotive Confederation (AKL) does not support the idea of disbursing thousands of euros to help people purchase electric cars. 
AKL Managing Director Pekka Rissa believes the aid should be “technology neutral,” i.e., for all low-emission cars.
Ruling party Suomen Keskusta’s parliamentary group chairman Antti Kaikkonen in August proposed that the state should subsidise electric cars by 4,000 euros a unit from 2018.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications supports Kaikkonen’s proposal. 
Ari-Pekka Manninen , transport counsellor at the ministry’s Functional Safety Unit, said the matter should be examined.
The ministry aims to reduce the rate of automobile carbon emission by 39 per cent by 2030. 
This goal is difficult to achieve, if more and more motorists do not move to hybrid or electric cars. Right now, they account for less than one per cent of the motorists.
According to Manninen, direct financial support is one way to support this goal, but there are a lot of different ways to achieve the same objective.
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