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Sun, 06 Nov, 2016 02:13:31 AM
FTimes Report by Yiyun Song, Nov 6

A Finnish company, Oupet, which provides the services to connecting pet-sitters and pet owners in the south Finland expended its online service to the whole Finland recently.

The company was founded in January 21, 2015, and mainly provides services for nine southern Finnish cities till end of September.

At this moment, accounted by the company, there are altogether 150 pet-sitters and 250 pet owners who are registered users of this websites.

The company is operated by an international team consists of foreign background Finns.

The founder was China origin while the programmers were from Vietnam, Malaysia origin along with locals.

The founder of the company, Kejia, Jin said that it is not convenient to travel for all who pets and it is not easy to find a good and close place to take care of the pets in a short time.

Considering the circumstance Jin and her team thought the services could be effective and commercially viable.

“It normally takes one or two months for waiting and during the Christmas or summer vacation, one can even wait for six months for a place to taking care of pets,” Jin added.

“That was how I firstly came up the idea to provide this kind of online platform to connect the pet-sitters and pet owners. For us, if you are caring person, love animals, and have the experience of taking care of pets, you could be one of our pet-sitters and provide the exclusive and delicate services to our customers,” said Jin.

The registered pet-sitters right now are mostly students who above 18-year-old, employed workers and retired person. There is a calendar made by the company to mark the pet-sitters’ vacation time to help them arranging their ‘working time’.

Besides the location expending, due to the requirements from the customers, the company will soon develop the apps for the mobile phones as well.



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