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Tue, 08 Nov, 2016 12:01:36 AM
Postal reform proposal
FTimes – STT Report, Nov 8


The current five days a week postal delivery system in the rural areas should continue, proposed the transport and communications minister, Anne Berner, on Monday.
In contrast, Berner proposes to reduce the frequency of the early morning newspaper distribution services in the urban areas from five days to three days a week.

Besides, letter carriers in rural areas may be limited to three working days per week.

The distribution reduction would require a relaxation in the obligation of mail delivery schedules.

According to the minister, what is also new is that the national postal operator Posti would be required to accept tenders for mail distribution in the sparsely populated areas.

If willing entrepreneurs cannot be found, the Posti would handle the regular mail services itself.

The proposed amendment to the Postal Act was circulated for comments on Monday.

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