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Thu, 17 Nov, 2016 12:58:10 AM
FTimes- Report, Nov 17


Altair-Sony is going to open a research and development (R&D) site in Oulu to develop core LTE IoT technology, said a press release.

The company’s main R&D centre is in Israel.

“We believe we can find in Oulu the talent and working culture we are looking for,” said Altair CEO Oded Melamed, adding, “In Altair, we see Oulu as an ideal place to grow our engineering capabilities.”

Oulu ecosystem is well known as a place of world-class ICT companies, where companies and research institutes are focused especially on 5G, modem, Internet of Things (IoT), wearables and business model innovations.

According to the press release, with 50 years’ experience in developing market-ready products, the Oulu ecosystem in Finland possesses an indisputably leading knowledge base of information and communication technologies and related operations.

With 13,000 professionals working in companies of various sizes and backgrounds, the city is one of the true hotspots when it comes to wirelessly connecting people and businesses, the release added.

Altair-Sony made the final decision to come to Oulu after comprehensive investigations, during which the Oulu Region Economic Development Agency BusinessOulu and Finpro’s Invest in Finland presented the benefits of the region as an R&D site.

Altair is an 11-year-old company focused on developing LTE technology for the IoT era. It develops semiconductors (RF, BB), software stacks, reference designs, and complete solutions for the device makers.

Melamed said, “Our cutting edge technology positions us as world leaders in our space. We operate mainly in advanced markets like US, Japan and Korea. Our company has 250 employees, out of which 200 are engineers.”

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