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Fri, 18 Nov, 2016 12:01:13 AM
FTimes Report, Nov 18
There were 30,800 open job vacancies in the third quarter of 2016, while the figure was 21,200 one year before, according to the Job Vacancy Survey of Statistics Finland.
The number of open job vacancies grew in most industries. The reference period of the data is September 1.
In all, 25,200 or 82 per cent of the job vacancies were in establishments owned by private enterprises In the third quarter of 2016 while one year earlier the corresponding share was 72 per cent.
The number of open job vacancies increased compared to the previous year's quarter especially in establishments with under-five employees, the data show.
Examined by the industry of the establishment, job vacancies increased most in the industry groups of professional, scientific and technical activities, and administrative and support service activities and in trade, transportation and storage, accommodation and food service activities.
Examined by area, open job vacancies went up most in the Helsinki-Uusimaa major region.
In the third quarter, 18 per cent of all job vacancies were part-time, which is 13 percentage points lower than one year earlier.
The share of fixed-term jobs in all open job vacancies was 30 per cent, or almost the same as one year earlier.
Employers estimated that 41 per cent of the job vacancies were hard to fill while one year earlier the corresponding share was 45 per cent.
Statistics Finland has been collecting data on open job vacancies quarterly since 2002.   

Job vacancies 2015/III – 2016/III

2015/III 2016/III
Number Share, % Number Share, %
Job vacancies 21 200   30 800  
Part-time 6 600 31 5 500 18
Fixed term 6 700 32 9 200 30
Hard-to-fill vacancies 9 600 45 12 700 41
The sub-groups are not mutually exclusive so their sum does not correspond with the total number of open job vacancies.

Source: Job vacancy survey 2016, 3rd quarter. Statistics Finland.

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