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Sun, 22 Jan, 2017 08:41:47 PM
Kemijoki hires ÅF, Ramboll as Sierila power plant consultants
FTimes-FNN Report, Jan 22

The hydropower generation company Kemijoki Oy has outsourced the consulting company ÅF-Consult Oy for engineering designing of the Sierilä power plant, Kemijoki sources said.

The project would help implement the Finnish national energy and climate strategy and fetch more than a million euro a year in property tax income for the City of Rovaniemi.

The company is planning a modern emission-free and renewable energy-generating hydropower plant. 

The energy produced by the power plant is expected to meet an estimated 155 GWh annual electricity need of about 22,000 four-person households.

Kemijoki has also tasked Ramboll CM Oy with providing the services related to the project management.

"The selection was based on ÅF's long-standing expertise in working for the current Finnish hydropower [projects]," said Kemijoki Oy CEO Tuomas Timonen in a press release.

The Kemijoki-ÅF agreement signed on 12 January involves a construction plan of the power plant and preparing documents to float a competitive tendering, among other things. 

The design work will be done mainly by Finnish designers.

“So far, the Sierilä project is the most significant hydropower-related venture mandated to ÅF in Finland. With this agreement with Kemijoki, we have strengthened ÅF’s position as a leading consultant in zero-emission power generation and engineering service provider,” said ÅF CEO Jari Leskinen.

The project is currently awaiting the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court about water management permit. The objective of the current preparatory phase is to clarify issues related to the upcoming investments.

The installation of the plant will take about four years.

The direct employment created by the plant will probably be several hundred man-years. It would be the last mainstream power plant constructed in Kemijoki.

ÅF is an engineering and consulting company in energy, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

“Kemijoki Oy is Finland’s topmost hydropower producer and energy regulator. We own 20 hydropower plants, 16 of which are located in the Kemijoki watercourse area and two each in the River Lieksanjoki and the River Kymijoki areas respectively. In addition, we regulate water reservoirs in Lokka and Porttipahta as well as in the Lake Kemijärvi and the Lake Olkkajärvi. Our most important goal is to produce hydropower reliably and cost-effectively for our stakeholders.

It operates as a commissioner and expert organization of hydropower production. It means we acquire most of our operations from service providers. Thanks to the agile, partnership-based operating model, the company is able to produce hydroelectricity cost-efficiently and adapt to the changing conditions. Sustainability is at the core of Kemijoki’s business operations. Together with the partners, the company fulfils its hydropower obligations,” explains Timonen.

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