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Sun, 05 Mar, 2017 08:30:48 PM
FTimes-FNN Report, Feb 5
FNN Photo.
Revontuli Autopesu, a shop that washes vehicles by hand at the parking place of Revontuli market in Rovaniemi, is gaining popularity by the day.
The shop run by a Turkish origin immigrant, Ridvan Gulfirat, is attracting more car users as people like car wash by hand instead of automated washing, the shop owner said.
Gulfirat said he came to Finland 10 years ago seeking employment and started the car wash shop seven years ago. The business ensures the livelihood of his four-member family comprising him, his wife and two minor sons.
“Nowadays, our car wash is becoming popular among the vehicle users and we are getting more customers,” he said, adding that the number of customers, however, varies from season to season and depends on weather.
FNN Photo.
Gulfirat said two or three part-time immigrant workers are working in his car washing shop and the number of workers also varies based on the pressure of works.
“We are leading a happy life here after developing this business. The money I get from the shop after paying the rent and other costs is quite okay to run my family,” he said, adding that he pays 1,600 euros in monthly rent for the shop.
While visiting the Revontuli Autopesu recently, it was found that three workers were working there while the owner was talking to a customer to set a time for washing his car. Two of the workers were cleaning vehicles while another was washing a car by using liquid detergent and water.
One of the workers said that washing car by hand is the best for vehicles as they do it very carefully and attentively. Hand washing does not cause any harm to the car and does not hamper its longevity, which encourages car-users to wash their vehicles manually.
“We hope people will be more interested to wash their cars by hand instead of by automated machines and we will get more customers in the future,” he added.  
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