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Thursday, 27 June, 2019
Sun, 27 Oct, 2013 04:05:40 AM
Fennovoima nuclear power project at Pyhäjoki

Urpilainen wants parliamentary discussion soon
Vapaavuori for normal procedure
  Two responsible ministers of the Finnish government have made contradictory remarks regarding the evaluation process of the Fennovoima nuclear power project at Pyhäjoki in parliament.   While Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen said parliament ... details
Sun, 27 Oct, 2013 04:25:32 AM
Finland grants EUR 14.9 million as aid for countries in crisis
  The Finnish government has granted EUR 14.9 million as humanitarian assistance for the people in crisis around the world, said a press release issued by ... details
Sun, 27 Oct, 2013 12:01:37 AM
  The winter time started early Sunday when the clock was turned back by an hour at 4am, amid fears that timing complications may arise in different sectors, ... details
Sun, 27 Oct, 2013 04:44:13 AM
  The Metro train service was disrupted for about two hours following a mechanical glitch in a train between Puotila and Rastila stations Saturday evening.   Helsinki City Transport Authority said the service broke down when the brake switch of a city centre-bound metro did not function around 5pm.    The brake  switch went out of order due to failure in power connection, rescue team sources said, adding that all the 115 passengers were brought safely out of the tunnel after the incident.   The passengers had to walk about 350 metres to reach Puotila station while the children and the disabled were ... details
Sun, 27 Oct, 2013 04:38:01 AM
Rovaniemi City Library launches new website in Nov
Rovaniemi City Library, the biggest public library in Lapland, is going to launch its new website this November, library officials said.  The library, founded by the RovaniemiCity Council in ... details
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