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Thu, 20 Jun, 2013 12:08:52 AM
FTimes-STT Report, June 20

The parliament on Wednesday rejected a bill that sought provision to ban fur farming, which activists say a form of cruelty on wild animals.

 The bill was placed before the House after a citizen initiative demanded the ban after collecting more than 70,000 signatures in favour of forbidding such farming. The Fur farming industry owners are accused of cruelty on caged animals to produce fur.

The fur farming bill was rejected by 146 votes to 36 in the parliament on Wednesday.Photo - Lehtikuva.
The House rejected the bill by 146 votes to 36.

Although, all the lawmakers of  Vihreät (Green party)  and most of the lawmakers of Vasemmistoliitto (Left party)  casted votes in favour of the proposals for abolishing fur farming, the members from other major parties opposed it.

People demonstrated in front of Parliament in favour of the bill on Tuesday. Photo - Lehtikuva.
Speaking on the bill, Vihreä lawmaker Satu Haapanen proposed that the fur farming could be abolished as it was possible to manage new jobs for the breeders at the same time.

Earlier, the parliamentary body on the Agriculture and Forestry gave negative opinion on the bill and sent it for voting in the House.

 Following the negative remarks, several hundreds of people demonstrated in front of parliament Tuesday and demanded that the lawmakers should enact a law imposing ban on fur farming.

On April 25, parliament launched a debate on the bill, which was placed before the House for discussion following a citizen movement as several thousands of citizen collected signatures to press the demand for the proposed bill.

The lawmakers of the Left Alliance and the Green League during the preliminary debate expressed support to the bill.

The citizen forum last autumn raised the demand for imposing ban on fur farming in the country and collected 70,000 signatures for placing a bill.

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