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Fri, 21 Jun, 2013 12:00:04 AM
FTimes-STT Report, June 21

A court on Thursday sentenced a criminal gang member to life term imprisonment on charge of killing a person and wounding another with fire arm in Joensuu  on the eve of new year.
The district court of North Karjala awarded the punishment to Tero Mika Tapani Niemeläinen, a 34 years old man from Vantaa as the allegations brought against him were proved beyond doubt.
The court in the verdict said that the convict was guilty of the killing even though the murder was not pre-planned.
The nature of killing was cruel and brutal while the incident of wounding another one was an attempt to murder, the court observed.
The 42 years old victim was a part of United Brotherhood gang while the shooter has a background of skinheads.
The court, however, said that the killing took place as a sequel to personal enmity, not a conflict between the two gangs.
The murder took place when the victim came to the skinheads’ club house with another United Brotherhood member Timo Pekka Juhani Mylleri. The convict fired at them resulting into death of one person and wounding another.
The convict was also awarded five years imprisonment for the attempt to murder, in addition to the life term for killing.
The involvement of the killer in the gang made the punishment tough for him.

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