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Sun, 23 Jun, 2013 05:01:16 AM
FTimes-STT Report, June 23

At least 11 people were killed in separate accidents at different parts of the country during the Midsummer Day celebrations on Friday and Saturday.

Police said that six people drowned while swimming and five other were killed in separate road mishaps in the last two days.
Police recovered a body of a man from Kuopio area on Friday after he went missing when swimming in the water while another elderly woman was drowned in Paraisi lateFriday night.
Another elderly man died when he went for swimming in a Raasepori area lateFriday night while another elderly man was drowned in Naantali  sea beach on lateThursday night.
Police also recovered the body of another man from his summer cottage swimming place at Luhanga in Middle Finland and another body was recovered from Lohja beach.
Two young men were killed in a road accident when their car went off the road and hit a tree at Ulosajo in  Kuhmo on Saturday.
Another man was run over by a train in Oula late Friday night.  On the same day another accident took place at Rautalampi when the driver of a private car lost control over the vehicle resulting his death on the spot.
 A young man died when his motorcycle crashed with a light post in Imatra area.
Police said that they took maximum security measures during the midsummer celebration to avoid unwanted incidents and no major criminal activity was reported during the days.
Security measures were tighter than normal weekend and they were most active than any other day of the year, Päijät-Häme  police said on Saturday.
Police said that the jails were filled up with drunken partying people.
Only an incident of two gunshots took place at a resort in Sonkajärvi but no incident of human casualty was reported there, said police.
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