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Home NATIONALFactory oil pollutes sea at Kirkkonummi Kantvik port
Mon, 01 Jul, 2013 04:16:02 AM
FTimes-STT Report, July 1
About a thousand litre of canola oil has spread into sea in Kirkkonummi Kantvik port, reported a rescue centre on Sunday.
The oil was coming from Mildo factory and the incident happened due to a process malfunction.
The rescue centre is now cleaning and protecting the areas of the shore with absorbent boom.
The leaking has not been completely blocked yet.
 According to Kirkkonummi fire department, the production is going to be shutdown so that the leakage can be stopped.
The leaked oil is not poisonous but it will mess up places. The oil takes away birds’ thermal insulation from the feathers.
A fire manager, Kari Forssas, however, said, ‘So far we have not seen any polluted bird.’
Mildola factory from Kirkkonummi produces food oils. The leakage was noticedSunday morning.
Police is investigating the case at the incident damages the environment.
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