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Thu, 29 Aug, 2013 02:28:06 AM
FTimes-STT Report, August 29

More than 5500 drivers of different vehicles have been accused of violating speed limit on the roads during the special police surveillance week observed across the country from August 19 to August 25, police sources said.

The police launched the surveillance on the roads where accidents take place very often and found the drivers guilty during the week, said sources.

Police said that the violation of speed limit by 3700 drivers were detected by the automatic surveillance cameras at Helsinki police office while police stopped 1600 other cars and 150 motor cycles on the roads on charge of over speeding.

The highest violation of speed was caught in East Finland where a motorcyclist was found driving at 227 kilometres per hour on the road of maximum speed of 100 kilometres per hour, said police.

The law enforcing agency also found number of drunk drivers and some wanted criminals during the surveillance week.

The special surveillance week was observed as a part of the common surveillance operation of Traffic Police in Europe.


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