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Sat, 31 Aug, 2013 12:16:54 AM
FTimes Report, August 31
Ambassador Pertti Majanen was elected on Wednesday to chair the United Nations Sustainable Development Financing Committee, said a government press release. 
Majanen will serve as the co-chair of the 30-member committee along with Mansur Muhtar, former Minister of Finance of Nigeria, until the end of 2014. 
"Ambassador Majanen's position as co-chair of the UN Sustainable Development Financing Committee gives Finland a unique opportunity to be involved in shaping global development," says Minister for International Development, Heidi Hautala.  
The Committee's task is to produce a draft strategy, extending to the year 2030, for financing efforts aimed at sustainable development, including climate finance and development cooperation.  
The financial strategy proposal will encompass a wide range of different sources of financing.
Finland's aim is to achieve practical, concrete and action-orientated proposals that could be implemented effectively.
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