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Mon, 02 Sep, 2013 12:00:42 AM
FTimes-STT Report, September 2
Pro leaders at a meeting in Helsinki on Sunday. Photo - Lehtikuva
Leaders of the Pro, a trade union of the workers on Sunday accepted the wage market solutions finalised by the leaders of labour market and social organisations on Friday.
The leaders of the trade union at a meeting in Helsinki gave approval to the solution, although warned that weakness in the text would not be allowed.
“The Union will not allow any weakness in text, if it deprives the workers in the collective bargain,” the Pro President,  Antti Rinne said pointing out examples of forest industry and Finnair where the bargaining rights of the employees need to be upheld in the text clearly.
 Pro represents the private sector workers, officials, experts and managers in industry and services, ICT and media, as well as financial-sector companies.
The union makes 57 collective bargains in different fields.
The deadline for negotiations with Pro is October 25 and the leaders said that the process would not progress if the issues related to the employees, particularly tax release are not made clear.
They also warned that, if Pro leaders do not accept the solution, it might have to be cancelled.
Pro is part of the STTK, the Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees.
Earlier, the leaders of social organisations after a long negotiation on Friday reached an agreement for solution to increasing of wages in the next two years.
The leaders at a meeting held in Helsinki reached the agreement of increasing the wage by EUR 20 per month and 2.5 per cent after one year.
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