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Tue, 03 Sep, 2013 12:00:30 AM
Incidents of murder increase
6 killed in last 10 days
FTimes-STT Report, September 3
Police cardoned the house of the victims who were killed on Sunday evening. Photo Lehtikuva
A man reportedly killed himself after shooting down his girlfriend and wounding step-daughter by his licensed firearm at Nurmijärvi area in Uusimaa on Sunday evening.
With these murders, so far, six people have been killed in four separate incidents at different parts of the country since August 24.
Police said that the Sunday’s incident took place when a 40-year-old man fired gunshots at his girlfriend and a three-year old step-daughter in their house.
The girlfriend of the man sustained serious wounds in the attack and succumbed to her injuries immediately while the step-daughter managed to escape by taking shelter at the neighbouhood leaving the scene. The minor girl also sustained wounds as the bullet scratched her throat, said police.
The killer later killed himself and police recovered the body from the nearby area of the house.
Terming the murders as a sequel to family feud, police said that there was no involvement of outsider in the murders.
“The man had used his own handgun like a revolver in the murders,” the investigation officer of police, Markku Tuominen said, adding that the man had license of the firearm.
Police, however, did not disclose any detail behind the reason of the murders.
Earlier, on August 29, a man first shot his wife to death and then killed himself as a sequel of conjugal feud at Puuppola area of Jyväskylä.
Tricycles of the wounded baby was seen in front of the house after the incident.Photo Lehtikuva
Police after initial investigation said that the couple, having two children, were going to get divorced.
They were locked in an altercation when the wife had come to the house to get her belongings in the morning on the August 29.
At a certain stage the husband first fired at his wife and later killed himself with his licensed hunting gun few yards away from the house resulting into deaths of both, said police.
The 38-year-old wife died on the spot immediate after arrival of police while the body of 48-year-old husband was recovered from the nearby area.
The wife left her husband and was staying out of the house since June this year.
On August 24, a man was gunned down and his wife sustained bullet wounds when a neighbour attacked the couple with firearm at their summer cottage at North-Savo area in Lapinlahti.
On August 25, a man was killed when miscreants attacked him at an apartment building at Valkeakoski area in Pirkanmaa.
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