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Wed, 11 Sep, 2013 03:01:01 AM
FTimes-STT Report, September 11
The wastes of a gold mine company polluted a lake water seriously at Pirkanmaa area and created an environmental hazard, locals and environment activists said.
According to the environment activists, the sewerage water of the Orivesi gold mine company mixed with the water of Ala-Jalkalake and polluted the lake water.
The Pirkanmaa conservation unit and World Friend organization held the mining company responsible for not taking effective measures to this effect.
They said that the pollution also spread into the bay of Näsi-lake, in addition to creating a miserable condition of Ala-Jalka lake water.
The conservation unit said that significant amount of cadmium is being released into the Ala-Jalka lake and  instructed the gold mine authority to take stern measures to fix up the problem in its sewerage system.
The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Ely), however, kept close watch on the situation and ordered the gold mine authority to attach the obligation to overcome the situation of the lake in its new environmental permit.
The Orivesi gold mine company previously owned by Outokumpu was sold to Australian company Dragon Mine.
Orivesi mine closed its operation in 2004 but later resumed its activities in 2007.
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